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Looking for drill bits for your electric drill? You have a wide selection of drill bits. The differences between most drill bits are the materials they are made of, the length of the drill bit, the angle of the tip, and the method of sizing.

Metal drill bits are made from a variety of different metals. The standard drill bits used for household chores are made from High Speed Steel (HSS).

In addition to HSS metal drill bits, you can find drill bits made from tungsten carbide, titanium and cobalt. These various metal drill bits all have special purposes, or are best used for cutting and drilling through harder materials, such as stainless steel or cast iron.  All of these special metal drill bits are more expensive than traditional HSS metal bits. But metal drill bits made from carbide, titanium and cobalt will last longer than traditional HSS drill bits.

Metal drill bits and wood drill bits both come in a variety of sizes that are best used to create a variety of holes. You can find drill bit sets in metric and inch measurement sets. If you are a beginning wood worker or just need a set of bits to do some standard household chores, a simple set of metal drill bits will accomplish your task. Of course, you can invest in drill bits of higher metal quality, which will last longer and allow you more versatility in the materials you drill through.

Wood Drill Bits

There are some specialized wood drill bits that are used for cutting deep holes into wood, for example auger bits are most help in cutting holes for electrical wiring or plumbing.  

There are also wood drill bits that cut a circular plug into the wood. This is the perfect option for a serious woodworker. These wood drill bits have a circular coupling that surrounds the bit. The bit goes into the wood while the circular coupling rotates and cuts a wood plug into the piece of wood.  

Like many people, you’ll find that sometimes it works best to have a set of basic wood drill bits and several different metal drill bits.  HSS, Carbide, Titanium and Cobalt bits are some of your options, depending on your how often you drill through hard materials. 

No house should be without a power drill and a good, basic drill bit set. There’s always a job around the house – cabinets hung, shelves put up – something that requires a drill. Invest in a good quality power drill and good drill bit sets and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.  

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