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Toolguy's Jumper Cables         HOT ITEM
New design, no fear here with toolguy's new safety cables. Inter locking design. Super heavy duty 6 gauge wire and 16' long. Comes Complete in a nice zippered carrying case (case 6)

Item: ELBC6167406
Retail: $69.00

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New 45 Piece SAE Tap & Die Set
Titanium coated tungsten steel. Set contains 20 adjustable dies and 20 tap sizes 1/4-20 thru 1"-12. Also comes with two 2" diameter die stock and a 1-1/2" adapter, two tap wrenches and a screwdriver. Durable ABS case. (weight 22pds)

Item: TD45PST
Retail: $179.00

Sale Price $99.00

handriviter1440.jpg (4746 bytes)

New Professional Hand Riveter Nut Tool Kit
Top of the line. New ergonomic design for heavy usage. 4 interchangeable nosepieces. Quick change mandrel. Makes internal thread sizes: 6/32", 8/32", 10/24", 10/32", 1/4-20, One adjustment sets for repeated use. Includes 75 assorted rivets.Blow molded case.

Item: HTRIV1440
Retail $149.00

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New Welding Helmet       Brand Spankin New
New Adjustable Darkening Filter Helmet  Variable DIN 7-13. Variable shade adj. Full face & front neck protection, Observation Window: 96mmx40mm, Goggle Assembly: 96mm x48mm, Dim State Light Chopping Degree: 13 adjustments, Ultra violet Ray Transmittance Rate: 313nm -365nm <2x10-4%  Infrared Ray Rate: 780nm -1300nm <0.027 % 1300nm- 2000nm <0.097%.

Retail $159.00

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Professional Quality Solar Welding Helmet  Hot Item
New German lens. Solar panel with battery back-up. 2 speeds - 10/25 thousand milliseconds. Variable shade adjustment - 9 -13 DIN. Full face & front neck protection. Observation Window: 100mm x 40mm, Goggle Assembly: 110mm x 90mm.

Retail $279.00

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22pc Tamper Torx Bit Set      Yes with the pilot hole
Manufactured from AISI-6140 Alloy Steel. 50HRC U.S. Hardness. Contains: T-10,T-15,T-20,T-25,T27,T-30,T-40,T-45,T-50,T55, Tamper proof torx come in 1-1/4" and 3" lengths. 1/2" drive and 3/8" drive Socket bit adapters included. Blow mold case.

Retail $130.00

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Air Spray Gun            Great Value
General purpose, easy to clean General purpose paint spray gun. 1.8mm Nozzle. Two-piece construction with gun feathering exclusive air valve design. Fully adjustable wide fan pattern control. 1 quart capacity dripless cup.

Retail $114.00

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4pc SAE Stud Puller Set    Works Fantastic... Big Seller
Ideal for removing broken studs and screws. Set contains sizes 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 7/16". Metric set also available by clicking on link under picture.(case 6)

Item: HT-SP1
Retail $49.00

Sale Price
(min buy 2)

4" Tough Boy Air Grinder    Here's a Tough Little Worker
11,000rpm, built in speed regulator. Very fast. New vacuumed sealed machine steel ball bearings. Heat treated steel casing. Front Exhaust. Removable handle and safety throttle. Uses All 4" grinding wheels and Disks with a 5/8" arbor. 3/8"-24 Spindle Thread Size. 10 CFM.  9" Long, 4lb.

Item: AIRGR4250
Retail $195.00

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29pc Tico-Drill Bit Set     A Must Have Product
1/16-1/2" by 64's, Jobber length 118@ split point. Titanium coating DFLQ. Fast cutting and a long life. Great for any type of general purpose drilling as well as tougher alloys. Steel Index Box. (case 6)

Item: DRSTIC29
Retail $135.00

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