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Handyman – Tools of the Trade

If you’d like to take charge of the many jobs and tasks that need to be done around your home, you are going to need a variety of tools.  There are some like pipe cutters and bolt cutters that won’t be used everyday, but pipe cutters will make that plumbing project much easier.  

 A good handyman is able to do a variety of projects; anything from electrical work to plumbing and basic construction. But, you have to have the right tools to do the job.

It’s amazing how many tools have very specialized functions. It’s also amazing to realize that there are many times when you need those specialized tools – just because they make the job easier to do. When you absolutely have to finish a project, it’s great to go to the toolbox and retrieve the tool that is going save you time and the stress of trying to “make do” with the wrong tools.

Pipe cutters and bolt cutters. These two tools are completely different and meet different needs, yet both are handy to have around the house when you need them.

Pipe cutters are a necessity for plumbing projects. Some people don’t invest in this tool because they assume they can cut through pipe using a hacksaw. Pipe cutters offer a fast way to cut through the pipe, and they also make a much cleaner cut , which should eliminate the risk of pipes not fitting properly and the resulting leaks.

You will need pipe cutters for jobs like  replacing a p-trap, adding a water line to a refrigerator, working on a sprinkler system, or simply maintaining your home sinks. There are different types of Pipe cutters depending on whether your are cutting plastic PVC pipe or copper or steel pipe.

Bolt cutters are another great tool to have around the house, and one you never know when you’ll need. Bolt cutters are used to cut chains, bolts, chain link fencing or even that old combination lock that no one remembers the combination to. Bolt cutters have long handles and very short blades. They work well because the compound hinges allow you to maximize your leverage and cutting force. This is especially important when you are trying to cut into hard steel, like that combination lock.

Deciding you are going to take care of all the “handyman” projects that come up in your house can be a cost effective way to maintain your home. Plus, there’s no better excuse for buying tools. Check out some of the pipe cutters and bolt cutters, you’ll be amazed at how having the right tools makes your projects go quickly and easily.

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