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What's New?

The New 29 piece Titanium Drill Bit Set. 1/16" - 1/2" by 64th's. M2 High speed with a reduced shank over 3/8" so you can use them in any 3/8" chuck.

Retail Price:  $149.99
Sale Price: $115.99
Price: $79.90

June is Glove Month at Toolguy!

Mechanics Gloves

New Toolguy Mechanic's Construction Glove.

Retail Price:  $44.90
Sale Price: $24.75
Glove Month Special Price: $19.88

Wonder Gloves

Specially Treated, dipped wonder gloves .

Retail Price:  $4.90
Sale Price: $2.75
Glove Month Special Price: $1.59

String-Knit Gloves

Toolguy's number 1 disposable Glove.

Retail Price:  $1.90
Sale Price: $0.75
Glove Month Special Price: $0.69

6½" Hog Ring Pliers with Bolt

6½" Hog Ring Pliers with threaded bolt. Opens 1¾".

Retail Price:  $9.90
Sale Price: $6.99

New 10" Round Nose
UTICA style fence pliers.

Retail Price:  $38.50
Sale Price: $22.50
Fencing Special Price: $19.50

New 10" Crescent style ergonomic Button-Nose fence pliers.

Retail Price:  $37.50
Sale Price: $17.80

ANSI/OSHA Approved Hardhats

Full protection safety hard hat. Adjustable suspension strap fits any size head.

Retail Price:  $24.49
Sale Price: $15.99

OSHA Required Safety Vest

NEW Lime or Orange Surveyors Vest. 100% Polyester.

Retail Price:  $39.90
Sale Price: $24.99

High-Visibility Safety Vest

600 candle light. Excellent general purpose vest.

Retail Price:  $19.90
Sale Price: $8.99

Toolguy Deluxe Fence Plier Combo Kit!

You'll get Everything you need with the all New Fence Installers Combo Kit! Take advantage of a great offer from!

Retail Price:  $119.50
Sale Price: $74.50
Special Online-only Price: $65.90

COMING SOON! Grand Opening!

Concrete and Masonry Straight Shank Drill Bits

Titanium High Speed Drill Bits

Heavy Duty Straight Shank drill bits for Concrete and Masonry Drilling. Sizes range from 1/8"-1"

For Drill bit Warehouse special Pricing, call 1-800-DRILGUY (374-5489) for more Details!
1/4"x6": $4.75
3/8"x6": $7.29
1/2"x6": $9.13
5/8"x6": $12.96

High Quality, Heavy Duty Titanium drill bits. Sizes range from 1/16"-½" with various shaft lengths.

For Drill bit Warehouse special Pricing, call 1-800-DRILGUY (374-5489) for more Details!
1/8": $1.22
1/4": $2.39
3/8": $4.58
1/2": $7.99

NEW: 6" 18-tooth Terminator Predator Blade

An unbelievable demolition blade for cutting steel, iron, plastics and just about anything. At .060 thick, with a 1" height, When all else can't make the grade, go for the Super-coated cobalt Terminator Predator. Tested under extreme conditions, the Predator is 2x the width, almost twice the height, giving you 10x the Life!

Retail Price:  $7.95
Sale Price: $4.99
New Item Special Price: $3.28

3/8" Drive ½" Extra Deep Socket

½" Extra Deep 3/8 " Drive 6 point socket. Chrome Vanadium, top Quality.

Retail Price:  $4.99
Sale Price: $3.99

3/8" drive— 9/16" extra deep 6 point socket.

Retail Price:  $4.99
Sale Price: $3.99

4½"x¼" thick Grind Wheels

4½" Jumbo USA-Made Zirconia Flap Disks

Fits All 4 ½" grinders. A fast cutting general purpose wheel. Great for all steel grinding, weld dressing and deburring. Grind Wheels come 200 in a case.

Retail Price:  $3.99
Sale Price: $2.50
Something for Nothing Special Price: $1.99
Buy a case, and a get a free Grinder.
An $80 value, FREE!

Flap Disk

Grinding Wheel

40, 60 or 80 grit. The Best product for sanding, grinding or finishing all Stainless steel, iron pipe, aluminum and just about everything in between.Buy 100, and get a free Grinder, Call to order Now, Limited Quantity! 1800-350-TOOL (8665).

Retail Price:  $9.99
Sale Price: $6.99
Something for Nothing Special Price: $5.88

Premium 4-½" Super-thin Metal Cutoff Wheels!

Super-fast cutting on hard metals. Fully reinforced and shatter-proof. Best "Cost-per-cut" available. 4-1/2x.045x7/8" arbor. 200 in a case.

Retail Price:  $3.99
Sale Price: $2.50
Something for Nothing Special Price: $2.39
Buy a case, and a get a free Grinder.
An $80 value, FREE!

With Every Order, get a FREE Survival Knife!

Stainless Steel Toolguy 16-Function Multi-Blade Knife

1"x33' Toolguy Big Mama Tape

1" x 33' Super Heavy Duty Tape Measure. Pause Function Measuring Tape SAE Easy Read.

Retail Price:  $23.90
Sale Price: $15.99

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Toolguy Surveyor's Tape

½" x 300´ Fiberglass measuring tape. Open Style Surveyors Measuring Tape.

Retail Price:  $44.90
Sale Price: $29.99

The World's Greatest Measuring Wheel!

Retail Price:  $274.95
Sale Price: $219.95
Special Price: $199.95
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