If you have a website where you're selling a product, but your hit counter is stagnate, and you aren't making any sales, even though your product is in demand, then it is about time you shift gears by letting an expert traffic producer show you how to get your hit counter spinning like a top in 15 minutes or less!

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Subject: Explosive Traffic Strategy From Michael Aken


Dear Friend,

an you answer these questions?

red bullet Is your website productive?
red bullet Are you really serious but can't get consistent money from your site?
red bullet Do you have a product everybody wants but you just can't sell it?
red bullet Does it seem everyone else is making money online...but not you?

I battled with these questions myself...and I wanted to quit...considering I was not making money. I couldn't figure out why my website wasn't producing sales. 

It's frustrating isn't it... when your website is not productive?

More importantly...Why did you get your website up and running knowing your site may or may not work? Maybe it was because:

red bullet You know it's important to have a web presence of some kind
red bullet Hopefully to make some kind of money like other people
red bullet Being a success online
red bullet You wanted to succeed despite what others around you said
red bullet To have a better way of life
red bullet To pay some of the bills
red bullet To have nice things and improve your lifestyle for your family and yourself

Maybe you spent your last dollar on something you liked but realized you had no more money and complained about it.   

Maybe you are just sick of being broke and wanted to do more for yourself?

What adds to the wound is you have friends who are on the Internet and are making money hand over fist.

Why are they so successful with their website and you can't crack it?

Wouldn't it be good to have a website not only getting a huge amount of traffic but is making a ton of money for you as well?    

I have a buddy who put up his website and once a day I saw his website stats. I was shocked when I saw the amount of hits he was getting per day.

The numbers were lousy. Obviously, he was doing something wrong.

Do you know what I find even more upsetting? It is the fact you are very well in the same boat.

You might not be doing the right thing and it's why your hit counter is just sitting there staring at you, waiting to turn.

You may have bought books to help you learn to optimize your website for better ranking. You may even have hired someone to optimize your web pages for you.

The result is not good. You wasted your money in books which didn't teach you anything.

You wasted your money paying to have your web pages optimized, only to see your ranking is on page 9 of Google.....totally useless! 

My friend do not...

Be Discouraged About Your Misfortune!

Those books were written by someone who didn't even know how to optimize web pages. He just did the research and wrote the book.

Most of the text is research material based on theory which was never tested.  

It really frustrates me when I see people spend needless money on something which is not going to help them.

I can say this because at one time I was also doing the same thing. I tried to optimize web pages to get high ranking but failed....so bad...you would laugh if I told you that old story....but I kept at it.

In fact I innovated and applied some really radical tactics...I mean stuff which was not supposed to work...

"Then it happened...I Discovered A Method To Literally Pump
Traffic to My Website..."

When I applied this secret method to my own website, I could not believe my eyes.

I literally saw my hit counter go from 100 hits (I just put the site up a week before) to 1000 hits in just 15 minutes.

It was incredible.

Could you imagine... if you applied this method to your website you could also get a huge amount of traffic pumping to your website within 15 minutes...I am not kidding.

I did it and so can you. I am no wizard at all....I am more of a grinder who refuses to quit and a burning desire to succeed.

In fact, I know several people who use my secret method and told me how much their traffic increased.

They were getting bombarded with not only huge amounts of traffic, but also requests for link exchanges...and more importantly...sales!

In order to get to this moment, I did a lot of research, performed off the wall tests, a lot of trial and error, until I finally came up with a secret method which will help anyone get traffic pumped to their website.

I can make this secret method available to you...but again I ask... 

"Is Your Website Getting Tons Of Traffic...?"

Think about this for a moment. When you get up each morning and log into your email do you get a lot of request for links? Or do you see a ton of sales recorded from your website?

See if you can answer these questions:

green bullet Do you love what you are doing with your website?
green bullet Are you making a ton of money from what you are selling?
green bullet Are you getting a ton of inbound links from all the traffic you are getting?
green bullet Are you actually getting a lot more traffic than you did before?
green bullet Do you see your hit counter spinning like a top?

If your answer to any or all the above questions is a no, is it a wonder why you are not successful with your website, landing pages or CPA offers? 

You may be thinking to yourself you know how your website is doing. You also may be thinking why you should listen to me. Who am I to talk about getting traffic to a website?

If you have heard of me, I am not one to give BS to anyone. When I make a claim, I mean it. 

But if you have not heard from me, let me introduce myself….

My name is Michael Aken.

For quite some time I was involved in many ventures(like selling slurpee machine plans on ebay). Some did well and others tanked. I did make a living but nothing to brag about. I started businesses online, only to have them produce nothing. One business I actually started online lasted two years. Unfortunately, because I didn't know how to get traffic it just floated in cyberspace doing nothing.

I spoke to several people who were doing what I was doing with their websites and here is what I found out:

red bullet No strategy in place to grow their online business
red bullet No idea how to get traffic to their website
red bullet No idea or steps to optimize the site correctly for better traffic flow
red bullet No inbound links and no strategy in place to get them

After speaking to those who failed, I went after those who were successful (actually I pursued them relentlessly) to get a comparison. Here is what I found out:

green bullet The owners of successful websites had a strategy they used which worked.
green bullet They developed a template from their success and used this repeatedly when starting other businesses online.
green bullet Once they learned what worked for traffic they used it consistently.
green bullet They developed the right mindset and used it to their advantage.

It was obvious to me once I did the research, the reasons for the failures and the successes. Part of which included making one single sale...it became addictive for them. 

I also learned many secrets of how to get traffic to my website. Once I learned the secrets and applied them, I kept what worked, and what didn't work I discarded.

Before I knew it, I had a proven strategy and used it on myself first, with tremendous results.  

"Unlimited Laser Targeted Leads
To Your Site, Landing Page
or CPA Offer..."

You may not realize this but you can get unlimited number of laser targeted leads in any niche to your website, or any website you choose and generate a large number of inbound links.

And what is really amazing about it is it isn't hard to do. It doesn't take a scientist to understand it.

In fact, within the time it takes to read this letter, you could literally be seeing your hit counter fly. Did you ever see a hit counter move quickly? Yours will.

My secret method will not only pump traffic to your website, no matter the niche market, but you will also get a huge amount of inbound links to boot.

Hey, I see my bank account getting stuffed every day with hordes of cash. And it never stops. I am literally seeing thousands of dollars go into my bank account every week.

Does this sound like something you want ? Do you want to wake up each morning, check your bank account, and see thousands of dollars show up each day or at the end of each week?

Think about this:

  • Day after day of constant money flowing into your bank account
  • Unlimited traffic just getting pumped to your website
  • Having Google index your website and seeing untold amounts of inbound links show up
  • Getting a ton of emails with subject line: Sale

What a dream right? No... this can be your reality. It just takes a moment to apply what is in my secret method and you can't go wrong.

And now I am making this available to the general public.

What is it?

"A Simple Five-Step Process..."

What I have developed is a five-step process that will guarantee you will get a ton of traffic even as quickly as 15 minutes.

You will learn all the secrets to pumping traffic to your website so you can get a ton of traffic and inbound links.

No more struggling to get traffic. You will get more than you hoped for.

My secret method is called
“The Google Traffic Pump System”

the google traffic pump ebook

“The Google Traffic Pump System” is the ONLY system which will teach you how to get huge amounts of traffic and inbound links to your website and in less time it takes to read this entire letter.

What my secret method will do is help you learn how to pump traffic to your website on a consistent basis, while also developing inbound links, of which Google loves.

When Google indexes your site, they will notice your inbound links and will bump your website up in the search results resulting in higher page ranks!

Here is an actual breakdown of what to expect:

The first step in the traffic pumping system is to create a set of highly targeted keywords and phrases that apply to your product and niche. This step shows how this is done.

In this section, you get to see exactly how to create this highly targeted list of keywords using free Google tools as well a few others which don't cost you a single penny!

This is a very important step most online marketers tend to skip over quickly and suffer huge losses in profits. But you will learn how to avoid this mistake forcing you into profit from the start!

This is what no one really knows how to do. In this step you will see how to construct traffic pumping keyword combinations formatted into powerful questions designed specifically to siphon massive traffic fast!

In fact, many online marketers don't realize the power of questions! Strategically designed questions which contain your top keywords or keyword phrases can be extremely effective when it comes to driving massive traffic to your websites in record time!

But, most importantly, these questions are also designed to attract laser targeted traffic full of potential buyers looking for the exact solution your product or service can provide!

If you do not have a Gmail account, this step will show you how to do it. This may seem like a very trivial step in this system, but in fact, it's the most important!

This is where your traffic hub starts as well as where you will be receiving your new lead information.

With this step you will learn how to get your traffic pump flowing. This step takes your new Gmail account to the next level.

Many new-comers to online marketing don't realize how many free and VERY powerful tools Google provides. Google Alerts are no exception.

In this step you see how to setup your Google Alerts to pump laser targeted leads from the Google search index into your traffic funnel and ultimately to your web sites and/or services!

With this step, you will be shown how to maximize the return on your results so the work you did previous will give you top results.

In other words, this step ties it all together forming a constant gushing pump of new fresh targeted leads into your online business in mere minutes!

Here is a visual representation of how this entire system works ...

Not only do you get this step-by-step plan to help you get traffic pumping to your website, you also learn this:

If a keyword term is appearing like crazy from your alerts then the odds are very good people posting the question online and using this exact keyword phrase. This means link juice from these pages is very valuable. If you are not sure what link juice is, read the guide. It explains it.

With the method you will learn how to re-pump your exit traffic back into your site with an alternative offer such as a discount or free download. Marketers who did this experienced an increase in website sales by as much as 325% in a few days. Learn how to do this.

This method can really help your website pull in more money without sending more traffic to your websites. Read it to learn how.

What you read above is just a taste of what you will get when you order The Google Traffic Pump System. There is just so much more to say I could go on and on.  

I promise you this type of product is not sold in stores. It is only available here.  

Since introducing The Google Traffic Pump System to the general public, I have received a ton of emails from my customers, thanking me for producing such a powerful system which actually does what I stated it will.

Read what some of my customers had to say:

To it may concern,

I was skeptical about ordering your product at first, considering all the hyped up books on the market. But I went ahead and man, am I glad I did. The information was straightforward. I applied what I learned and when I saw my stats a week later, I literally threw my hands over my eyes. I couldn't believe what I saw. My website was averaging 1000 hits a month. After applying what I learned, I received 1000 hits the first few days. What an amazing jump.

I told a friend of mind my results, and he told me he was going to order a copy. You definitely have a great product. Keep up the good work.

Gerry Hoylie
Owner of Allana Enterprises


This is Ed McHugh. I must say, I thought I knew it all about websites and getting traffic. I had read all the books available. I attended seminars on the subject of getting traffic. So why bother with another book. But, a friend of mind purchased this and found his traffic numbers increase dramatically. He encouraged me to give it a try. So I did.

All I can say is I am amazed. You produced such a simple but powerful book. The language was easy to read. I understood everything. There was no guess work involved. I began to apply what I learned after reading the first step. I could not believe how much I did not know. I read the entire book in one night and applied what I learned the next day. I looked at my stats in one hour after taking all the steps and noticed quite a jump in traffic. Your product really works.

I also found the videos very helpful, it really showed me how to do each step without any guess work. I would have paid full price for just the videos alone!

Thank you, for developing such a truly amazing package.  

Ed McHugh
EMT Operator

All I can say is wow!

What an incredible ebook you created. I created my website with the idea to establish a web presence and hope to make good income as well. After I made my website live, I honestly did not know what steps to take next. All the people I talked to did not know the answers. They just told me what they knew.

I was getting desperate. Then one day I did some research using the keywords “traffic generator,” and saw your website. I was impressed by your ideas and decided to give it a try. Man, I sure went to school.

I began to apply what I learned and soon found a lot of traffic coming to my website. Before I knew it, I was actually getting orders. Wow, how can I thank you for creating such a wonderful product?

Sandra Jordana
Business Owner

Since these people have had such great results from my system…

"How Much Is Steady Traffic Worth To You? What Would My Secret Method The Google Traffic Pump System be worth..?"

Before you try to answer the above question, think about this … Once I applied my secret method I found my website traffic increase dramatically. I also helped others increase their website traffic.

Wouldn't you like to do the same?

Here's the thing...I did all the hard work for you. I did a lot of research. I did a ton of testing and tweaking. I did everything I could to create a fantastic system you can benefit from.  

I was told my program is priceless. One customer told me I could have sold this product for thousands of dollars.

So what do you think my product is worth? Remember, you have a product that when used will push traffic to your website like a pump.  

Would you believe it if I stated…

"You Can Actually Get my
Google Traffic Pump System
for a
Ridiculously Low Price of $27..."

No, it is not a misprint. You will actually will get my secret method for only $27. Everyone who knows me will tell you I deliver a ton of value...I mean a ton.

So why offer this new powerful product at such a low price?

My goal is to help those who have websites get the traffic they deserve. I want to help people who don't know how to become successful with their websites, to get good results from it....and save them from feeling the same dejected feeling I felt when I started out.

If you are thinking about the money and you don't know if you want to risk paying $47 because you don't know me, or because you are concerned if you don't get the same results as others you will be out $47. I understand this. For this reason, I am going to one thing you will like. I am going to take away all the risk and guarantee you will succeed with my …

"No-Questions-Asked, Full 60 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee!"

Let me tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen when you buy The Google Traffic Pump System...

checkmark You will GREATLY INCREASE the catch of getting untold amounts of traffic then if you were to use another strategy.
checkmark You will save MORE money from the money you spend on products that don't work.
checkmark You will find your website will be RANKED HIGHER in search results because of all the inbound links coming to your website.

You will definitely improve the amount of traffic you will get to your website no matter what niche you are in by following my step-by-step strategy...

Or Else ...

You Can Receive 100% of All Your Money-Back
Guaranteed No-Questions Asked!

Yes! If for whatever reason, you do not see huge amounts of traffic to your website, and better ranking due to a huge amount of inbound links, then within the first 60-days you can ask for your money back. I'll refund every single penny you invested, and we part as friends.

Once you actually put my proven step-by-step secret method The Google Traffic Pump System to work for you, I'm confident you're going to be satisfied with the results you will get time and time again.

The Google Traffic Pump Team

Secure Your Copy Now!

That's right!

You will never see this type of product anywhere. You can only get it here. It is the only unique secret method for getting a ton of traffic to your website no matter what niche you have.  

But I have great news for you. You are not just getting The Google Traffic Pump System e-book. I am going to sweeten the pot even more by offering you these FREE bonuses worth $1388.   


bonus 1

Video 1
Bonus Video
Keyword Research Made Easy

In video 1 you get to see exactly how to quickly build a large list of laser targeted keywords required to siphon massive traffic from Google using FREE tools only!

HINT: You will learn more than just the basic Google Keyword tool that everyone uses! There are other hidden Google tools that many online marketers don't even know exist!

Video 2
Bonus Video
How to Format Your Keywords Into Traffic Pumping Questions

This simple but powerful method will seed your traffic into hyper drive! You will see how to format your laser targeted keywords into traffic pumping questions guaranteed to bring in the exact traffic your online business requires for maximum profits!

Video 3
Bonus Video
How to Setup Your Gmail Account

This quick and simple video will show you how to setup your new Gmail account for huge traffic action! Plus, you get to witness a real live account that has been collecting laser targeted leads ready to take action!

Video 4
Bonus Video
How to Setup Your Google Alerts

This is truly on of the most important steps and formulates the hub of this super-effective and powerful system.

You also get to see exactly how this works using the example explained in the system ebook.

Video 5
Bonus Video
How to Pump The Traffic to Your Websites

In this final step you see how the real magic works and get to witness the true power of this system.

Here is where you put everything together to build one of the most successful systems guaranteed to drive targeted & hungry buyers to your online business.

Video 6
Bonus Video
How to Increase Profits With Traffic Re-Pump Methods

This was a last-minute addition to this bonus package, but a valuable resource for dramatically increasing your website conversions.

This video covers 2 very important and super-powerful methods that re-pump lost traffic back into your websites that you would have normally lost!

This involves cutting-edge new technology that most online marketers don't use. To be honest, most online marketers or product owners don't realize how much traffic they are losing right now!

Did you know that you lose 95% of your website traffic within the first 5 to 7 seconds that people arrive at your website?

This video shows you how to re-pump ALL 95% of that LOST traffic back into your product funnel. In most cases this can result in a 300% increase in sales!

The information presented in this video has the potential to make back the cost of this entire product 10 over in as little as 3 days!

bonus 2

ATTENTION MARKETERS: Now, even if you don't have any time or money to spend split testing you can still skyrocket your sales using...

Learn 21 of my closely guarded quick-tricks proven to
increase sales time and time again across multiple markets

Are you failing to test "what works" & "what doesn't work"? ... Testing has been
proven to be the MOST powerful part of marketing since the beginning of the internet!

Don't throw away your valuable time and sacrifice sales with extensive testing ... instead, simply borrow my proven results to instantly boost your website conversions!

The best part is, nearly every trick resulting in a dramatic effect is
from small changes that are simple and very easy to implement!

In fact, nearly every trick can be implemented in your web site in less than 5 minutes each.

For example, renaming certain keywords, changing background colors,
locations to place order links, and font sizes. These all play a HUGE role
in how & why your web site visitors will take action.

This power-packed 47 minute video will cover ...

  • The most important element REQUIRED near the bottom of EVERY sales page guaranteed to increase conversions!
  • A 5 minute simple trick that increases conversions by 6% while more importantly, reducing return rate by 38%
  • One simple trick forcing your web site to appear professional looking
  • A quick trick which instantly makes your web site stand out in every potential customer's web browser
  • An easy-to-insert top element most sales pages lack resulting in lost sales. You're probably losing sales right now if you don't have it!
  • A dead simple trick applied to your headline proven to boost conversions by 17%
  • The one "universal" magic number of keywords required to pull-in sales time and time again.
  • Every single best selling novel or book uses this simple tiny trick guan teed to increase readership by nearly 40%
  • A simple trick that re-uses testimonial content which increases conversions by 19%
  • The #1 element proven to siphon customers into any sales funnel across any market!
  • The quickest way to increase sales by 28% with a simple trick near your order button
  • The best converting graphic proven to increase sales by 14%
  • A magic character you can change in literally 3 seconds that can increase conversions by nearly 17%
  • Re-insert a simple graphic near the top of your sales page and watch sales boost by 19%
  • Bad words ... good words, the words that increase sales every time!
  • The BEST 3 words you need to use over and over again!
  • ... and a whole lot more ...

Used Together, These Marketing
Tips & Tricks Have The Potential
of Increasing Your Conversions
by Nearly 400% Combined!

bonus 2

  • Aweber Series guaranteed to increase conversions!
  • Amazon s3 server series, speed up your server!
  • Total Twitter Series ...another stream of income!
  • Article Marketing...the right way!
  • Offline Marketing Secrets..for yet another income stream!
  • Press releases...for even more traffic...they're at the top of Google right now!
  • Freelancing Secrets turn your skills into cash!
  • Amazon Series...you guessed it...to add yet another stream of income to your Google Traffic Pump
  • ... and a whole lot more ...

"I have received over 233 "Thank You's" for providing access to these videos...the list to get in is long!"

bonus 2

  • Software which will turn your arsenal from a Pea Shooter to a Tank with 105 mm Guns
  • Revenue Streams from ClickBank, Amazon and Adsense...Google Traffic Pump will give you a powerful strategy to add income from these valuable sites
  • A Vault Full of Resources begging you to use the Google Traffic Pump to send traffic to them for more income
  • ... and a whole lot more updated every month at no cost to you...ever!

There you go. You have such a tremendous opportunity in front of you.

Don't hesitate…

"If You Order Now You Will
Get $1388 of Extra Bonuses..."

If you act right now you get all the above including the amazing bonuses.

But remember, the bonuses are only available for a short time. Act now and place your order so you don't miss them.

Also, you need to act now, because I am planning to raise the price of my product soon. I do not know when, but I will soon. So take action now so you can enjoy the product at the low price offered.

Just click the order button below and get a copy of my secret method today for the super low price of $27

Our Videos and Book will be available immediately and are delivered in electronic format. ClickBank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. You will be directed to our page where you can download all of the videos and your book.

To your success,

Michael Aken


P.S. Remember, this is the only secret method which will guarantee you huge traffic and many inbound links. Do not pass on this chance to get more traffic to your website.

P.P.S. Remember! You have my 100% money back guarantee stamped on this offer. If for whatever reason you do not see huge amounts of traffic to your website in a short period of time, just let me know and I'll refund your money. No questions asked.

P.P.P.S. Please note the price is only $27.00 for a Short Time! Once I decide to pull the plug, the price will go up. So take advantage of the low price now while it is still at $27.

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