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The Challenges of Adding Fences or Retaining Walls to Your Property

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Changing the exterior or landscaping of your house can make a big change to the value of your home. One of the most popular methods is to install a fence. A fence gives a property security and privacy. There are lots of options for building a fence, including wood, vinyl , wire and concrete block fences.

When you decide to build a fence, you need make sure you have all the right  fencing supplies and tools to do the job.  

One example of specialized tools is the Utica fence pliers. These “pliers” are a tool that combine a wire cutter for cutting 9 gauge wire and are the first choice when installing chain link fence. Buying fence pliers can help you get that fence put together in no time, and you won’t have to spend time switching from tool to tool.

A Concrete block fence or retaining wall is  often used to change the landscaping;  and to make sure that your fence won’t be damaged by the elements. When you build a concrete block wall, you will need concrete  saw blades  or diamond saw blades to cut the concrete blocks, so that you can have a straight and even wall.  

Concrete and masonry saw blades  are made from traditional High Speed Steel (HSS), with industrial diamonds embedded in the blade. These diamonds give the saw blade the cutting power it needs to cut through concrete or masonry. 

Sometimes, a good option when using Concrete saw blades is to first use a core bit to create a pilot hole. The core bit also has a diamond tip that drills into the block wall piece. It starts grinding away on the concrete, which allows the Concrete saw blades to get a better hold into the materials. The diamonds act like teeth on the blade, slowly grinding away on the concrete.

Concrete block fences also make great retaining walls on a property and nice walls for planting. You can really change the entire focus of your property by putting together a few concrete block walls.

Having the right tool on hand, whether it’s fence pliers,  Concrete saw blades  or any other diamond saw blades makes any job easier to finish If you aren’t sure what you need to do a job, don’t hesitate to ask someone for help.


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Fence Pliers. Concrete Saw Blades. Saw Blades

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