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Diamond drill bits  ... When You Need A Drill Bit To Stand Up to High Pressure?

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When it comes to drill bits, you need to have the right tool to do the job. Selecting a drill bit depends on the type of surface you will be drilling into. If you are just doing routine household projects, you can get by with HSS drill bits.

But if you need to be able to drill through something more substantial – bricks, stone, concrete or even hard steel, diamond drill bits are a great option.

In fact, diamond drill bits are used primarily for concrete and masonry. The body of the bit is standard HSS, but the tip of the drill has an embedded industrial diamond. The bit has sloped slots which help to move dust away as holes are bored into the concrete.  When you use diamond drill bits, you can drill either dry or with a lubricant, like water.

Before you begin drilling, examine the bit to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. Diamond drill bits work by slowly grinding away at a material and reducing it to dust. This is a completely different process from a drill bit for hard steel, which actually cut away at the materials.

Need A Drill Bit For Hard Steel?

If you are drilling into hard steel, you need a bit that can withstand the force of the material, as well as the heat that is generated during the drilling. There are several great drill bits for hard steel, including cobalt or titanium bits.

Cobalt is an ideal drill bit for hard steel. Cobalt is made from HSS steel that is blended with cobalt. The added cobalt makes the drill extremely hard; cobalt drill bits are incredibly resistant to heat. Because the cobalt is mixed with the HSS in the initial formation of the drill bit, this bit will maintain its strength and resistance to heat.

Titanium is also a great drill bit for hard steel. Titanium bits are made by coating a drill bit with titanium. Titanium actually offers a higher hardness level than a cobalt bit, but because the material is coated on the bit, it can wear off over time. You can’t sharpen a titanium drill bit. On the other hand, you can sharpen cobalt drill bits to keep them functioning at their peak performance.

If you need a drill bit for hard steel, titanium or cobalt bits are excellent  choices. They tend to be a more expensive than regular bits, but like any specialized tool, you pay for the performance.

Check out our full line of drill bits make sure you have the right tools for the job and you will be done in no time

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