Diamond Blades

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Making the Cut –  A Diamond Blade Work Wonders

Are you planning on laying a ceramic tile floor, putting together a brick fence or concrete patio? What do all these projects have in common? They all use hard masonry or tile materials and these materials need to be cut during the project.

Most saw blades can not withstand the hard surface of concrete, brick or tile. Try to cut them with regular saw blades and youll not only ruin your saw blades, but possibly create a dangerous situation. On the other hand, a diamond blade is made specifically for cutting through hard materials.

Diamond blades are made to cut through hard materials like stone, brick, ceramic, and even granite. A diamond blade is made from High Speed Steel but they also have an added element that changes how they work. The rim of a diamond blade holds industrial diamonds in place. These diamonds act as teeth that grind through the hard surface of the material.

A diamond blade is made specifically for the type of material it will be cutting. For instance, you can find diamond saw blade that works best with ceramic tile, while a different diamond saw blade will work better with concrete or brick.

Diamond saw blades work when used in combination with a diamond core bit. The diamond core bit drills into the material to create a starting hole. Then the diamond saw blade can gain purchase and cut through the hard surface.

Some diamond blades are made to work with a lubricant, like running water. The lubricant helps keep the temperature of the diamond blade down while cutting. If the temperature on the saw blade gets too high (caused by friction when cutting) the blade will warp. Water helps to keep the temperature down while cutting, preventing warping and keeping your diamond blade working over time.

Diamonds do wear off over the life of the blade, so you will need to examine them carefully to determine if the blade is still able to cut before you begin your project. If it looks like there are any worn spots on the blade, use another diamond blade.

You will find that there are different saw blades to meet different project needs and to cut through materials of varying hardness. These blades are specialized, but can make your project come together very quickly. With the right blade, you can turn your saw into a performance machine, and avoid having to spend money renting a specialized tool.

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