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Concrete Drill Bits Or Masonry Drill Bits – Finding the Right Drill Bit

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Core Bits & Drill Bits

Huge selection of drill bits for all your needs at low prices. Including cobalt drill bits, diamond drill bits, diamond core bits, concrete drill bits, long drill bits, masonry drill bits. titanium drill bits, metal drill bits, drill bits for hard steel, carbide drill bits, wood drill bits, glass drill bits, rebar cutters!

Do you need to drill through concrete or a masonry wall? Maybe you are coring concrete or concrete block walls for radon mitigation testing? We manufacture the perfect 4-1/2" dry coring bit to use in your rotary hammer drill. When coring holes in concrete with steel plate we make diamond carbide plate cutters. If you do, a regular steel drill bit will not drill through a hard concrete or brick surface, you need to use concrete drill bits or masonry drill bits made with a diamond or carbide tip.

Concrete or masonry drill bits require precise drilling. Because the material is so hard, a traditional drill bit would not be able to get enough purchase in the material to make a clean hole. There would also be so much friction created by the drilling that a standard drill bit would overheat.

When you use special concrete drill bits or masonry drill bits, the tip of the drill is incredibly hard. It will bore into the hard surface of the concrete or masonry with little difficulty. Tapcon installation tools and tapcon drill bits are also available now at drill bit warehouse.

Diamond drill bits, which are often used as concrete drill bits , are much like its traditional steel counterpart; in fact, the body of the bit is made from steel. The difference is that a diamond bit has an embedded industrial diamond on its tip. This diamond bites into concrete or masonry, giving the drill bit purchase to create a hole. Concrete drill bits also have a sloped side which allows debris from the hole to be removed effectively.

Carbide coated drill bits are often considered the same as concrete drill bits or masonry drill bits , but these bits are actually coated with tungsten carbide, carbon or cobsalt. These metals are applied to the drill bit to give them an incredibly hard tip for precision drilling and cleaning of holes. Carbide drill bits withstand high heat created by the friction of drilling into a hard surface such as masonry. There are only a few manufacturers that make carbide drill tips, it’s a fairly complex and costly process that not every drill bit manufacturer can perform.

When it comes to finding masonry or concrete drill bits there are some very specialized drill bits available. In addition to the regular concrete drill bits we mentioned earlier, there are also masonry drill bits or rebar cutters that will cut through steel rebar.  In the construction industry, this type of drill bit is often needed, as you cut through concrete walls on the exterior of a structure.

There are other specialized masonry drill bits that allow users to cut neat holes without grinding out the center of the hole. This core bit actually allows you to cut a core into the concrete. The bit is circular steel bit, with sharp teeth that cut a “plug” out of the concrete.

If you need to drill into brick, concrete or some other type of rock wall, make sure you get the right   Concrete and Masonry drill bits for your job.

Huge selection of drill bits for all your needs at low prices. Including diamond drill bits, concrete drill bits, masonary drill bits. titanium drill bits, metal drill bits, drill bits for hard steel and more.

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